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Yards Per Game And Passer Rating In 11 Regular Season Appear Discount Nike Jerseys

iqewuedz (12.07.2013 16:31:58)

<p>DesmondBishopdidn't address his presumed role as the MinnesotaVikings' newest linebacker during this interview Tuesday with the NFL Network.He did, however, address one of the motivating factors for remaining in the nfc north after a six-Year career with the green bay packers.Bishop"A lot of people call and text and say, 'oh you want to get back at the packers, '"Bishopsaid. "It's not about that.I think it's moreso trying to play against the best.If i can get a chance to play against aaron rodgers, i think that right there in itself is a motivation.You want to play against the best. "Just like when i was playing for the packers, the games i cherished best were the games against theVikings.I got a chance to play against adrian peterson.That's my mindset.I want to play against the best.It was an [b][URL=http://www.dolceoltrepo.com/cheapjerseys04.aspx]Discount Nike Jerseys[/URL][/b] opportunity to play against aaron rodgers two times a year, so that was kind of unique and something i really liked.That's just the kind of person i am. "That answer sparked my interest.How did the packers do against peterson in bishop's two seasons as a starting inside linebacker?And how much work does he face in making a dent in theVikings' battle against rodgers?First, there has seemed to be a general assumption that bishop's season-Ending injury in 2012 was a primary factor in peterson's two monster regular-Season games against them. It's true that Peterson rushed for 409 yards in two games whileBishopwas on injured reserve, but it's worth noting that Peterson had pretty decent success against them in 2010 and 2011 as well. WithBishopin the lineup during those two seasons, Peterson averaged 5.4 yards per carry.The packers won all four games, but peterson managed 175 yards in one of them and 131 in another.In the other two, he gained a combined 123 yards on 28 carries. Looked at one way, I guess you could say that Peterson had almost the same rushing total in two games against the Packers withoutBishopas he did in four games whenBishopwas in the lineup.The 4-0 record is also notable.But 429 yards in four games speaks for itself. Second, I'm guessingBishopis well aware of Rodgers' sparkling statistics against theVikings over the years.The chart provides details, but rodgers has performed well above his career averages in completion percentage, yards per game and passer rating in 11 regular-Season appearances against theVikings.Bishopwill have his work cut out for him, no matter what position he plays.Aaron rodgers vs.Vikings:2008-12* Games W L Comp pct.Ypg td int sacks rating qbr 11 7 4 70.7 284.0 24 4 35 116.4 68.4 Source:Pro football reference, espn stats & information*regular season</p>

<p>You are fully responsible for the content you post.Content that includes profanity, personal attacks or antisocial behavior(Such as spamming or trolling), or other inappropriate content or material will be removed.We reserve the right to block any [b][URL=http://www.italand.it/Content/ui-lightness/6.aspx]cheap denver broncos jerseys[/URL][/b] user who violates our terms of use, including removing all content posted by that user.</p>
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<p>While the Browns finished last in the AFC North for the second consecutive year(And fourth time in the past five years), Cleveland boasts a roster ripe with young talent, including at the skill positions for head coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner to develop.As such, the team could be in the market for a dynamic pass rusher to fit new defensive coordinator ray horton's 3-4 scheme.Only concerns about jones' health(He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in [b][URL=http://www.italand.it/Content/ui-lightness/pittsburghsteelers.aspx]cheap nfl jerseys[/URL][/b] 2009)Could push him down the board, as the 6-2, 240-Pound outside linebacker was a dominant force for the georgia bulldogs, leading the sec in tackles for loss(24.5), sacks(14.5)And forced fumbles(Seven).</p>
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